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Post-Mortem is a multi serviced brand in photography, makeup, styling with focus on dark, odd and alternative aesthetic.

Band shoots, dark fashion, fetish/latex, portraits and commercial material with an edge. has a wide knowledge and experience in working in the media and entertainment industry in Stockholm/Sweden, as well as the metal/alternative music scene and the fetish scene in Europe.

Services provided


Professional photographer since 2013.

Studio and location – people and product. 


Documentary Film Education, finished spring 2017.

Documentary filming, music videos, short movies, art projects, wedding filming, commercial/product.

Makeup and Hair Styling

Professional master makeup artist and hairstylist since 2007.

Body Paint

Professional body painter since 2007.

Full, half or selected part of the body. Motive can be either requested specifically or chosen by


Professional stylist since 2007.

Styling actors, entertainers and models for commercial shoots and filming, music videos or even just give you consulting regarding what clothes to wear privately. is the Creator of Fetish Food Show.